Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

emerald, Emerald Pendant with White sapphire Accent



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This sterling silvergenuine sterling silveremerald sterling silvermeasures sterling silver9x6mm. sterling silverIt sterling silveris sterling silver1.52ct. sterling silverAccent sterling silverstone sterling silveris sterling silvera sterling silver3mm sterling silverwhite sterling silversapphire.\rThis sterling silveremerald sterling silverhas sterling silversome sterling silverinclusions sterling silverbut sterling silverindeed sterling silvera sterling silverbeautiful sterling silvercolor sterling silverof sterling silvergreen. sterling silver\rInclusions sterling silverare sterling silververy sterling silvercommon sterling silverin sterling silveremerald sterling silverand sterling silverone sterling silverwithout sterling silverinclusions sterling silverare sterling silvermany sterling silverhundreds sterling silverof sterling silverdollars. sterling silverAlso sterling silverinclusions sterling silverare sterling silvera sterling silververy sterling silvergood sterling silversign sterling silverthat sterling silverthe sterling silverstone sterling silveris sterling silverreal.\rSet sterling silverin sterling silversterling sterling silvermakes sterling silverthis sterling silverbeautiful sterling silveremerald sterling silveraffordable.\rShipped sterling silverwith sterling silverinsurance sterling silverand sterling silverconfirmation.

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