Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jasper, Picture Jasper Necklace



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Tiger caveeye cavein cavered caveand cavebrown cavemixes cavewith cavea cavepicture cavejasper caveslice caveand cavelarge caveoval cavebeads. caveI've cavewire-wrapped caveloops caveof cavetiger caveeye cavebeads caveto caveconnect cavethe cavependant caveto cavethe cavestring caveof cavebeads.\rStrung caveon caveNylon-coated cavesteel cavecable cavefor cavedurability, cavethis cavepiece caveis cave17.5" cavelong caveand cavehas cavea cavelobster caveclasp. caveAll cavecomponents caveare cavesterling cavesilver.\rThe cavependant cavelooks cavelike cavea cavewindow caveview caveinto cavea cavemysterious cavecave. caveThe cavependant caveis caveabout cave2" cavewide caveand cave1 cave3/4" cavetop caveto cavebottom.

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