Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Shades of Greydots, and Black Multi Bead Lampwork Glass Dangle Earrings



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Shades glassof glassGrey glassand glassBlack glasslampwork glassglass glassbracelet. glass8 glasshandmade glasslampwork glassbeads glassmade glassin glassmy glassstudio glasswith glassglass glassbead glassand glasssterling glassaccents. glass glassLots glassof glassinteresting glassbead glassdesigns, glassno glasstwo glassalike glasswith glass3 glassshades glassof glassgrey glassplus glassblack glassglass. glassClosure glassis glassball glassand glasssocket- glasseasy glassto glassput glasson glasswith glassone glasshand glassand glassvery glasssecure. glasssterling glasssilver glasscharm glassas glassaccent. glassThis glassbracelet glassmeasures glassapproximately glass7 glass1/4 glassinches, glassbut glassthe glasssize glassof glassthe glassbeads glassmakes glassit glassfit glassa glasssmaller glasswrist. glass glassMatching glassearrings glassavailable.

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