Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver vintage multi strand necklace with bow ribbon clasp4 chain, 4 chain swag



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Vintage vintage jewelry4 vintage jewelrystrand vintage jewelrynecklace vintage jewelrywith vintage jewelrya vintage jewelryribbon/bow vintage jewelryclasp. vintage jewelryExcellent vintage jewelrycondition, vintage jewelryno vintage jewelryflaws. vintage jewelryThe vintage jewelrydecorative vintage jewelryclasp vintage jewelrycan vintage jewelrybe vintage jewelryworn vintage jewelryin vintage jewelryfront, vintage jewelryback, vintage jewelryoff vintage jewelryto vintage jewelryone vintage jewelryside- vintage jewelryyou vintage jewelryname vintage jewelryit. vintage jewelryMeasures vintage jewelry22.5" vintage jewelrylong. vintage jewelryHas vintage jewelrya vintage jewelrylittle vintage jewelryweight vintage jewelryto vintage jewelryit, vintage jewelrywell vintage jewelrymade.Ships vintage jewelryin vintage jewelrya vintage jewelrygift vintage

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