Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco inspired vintage collar pin brooch1980s 80s, fake marcasite look with black cab



In stock



Vintage costume jewelry80s/90s costume jewelrypin costume jewelrywith costume jewelryart costume jewelrydeco costume jewelryand costume jewelryfaux costume jewelrymarcasite costume jewelrylook costume jewelrywith costume jewelrya costume jewelryblack costume jewelryplastic costume jewelrycab costume jewelryin costume jewelrythe costume jewelrycenter. costume jewelryExcellent costume jewelrycondition, costume jewelryno costume jewelryflaws. costume jewelryMeasures costume jewelry2.25" costume jewelrywide costume jewelryand costume jewelry1.25" costume jewelrytall.Ships costume jewelryin costume jewelrya costume jewelrygift costume jewelrybox.I costume jewelrycombine costume jewelryshipping costume jewelryon costume jewelrymultiple costume

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