Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

collar necklace, red and gold vintage Liz Claiborne necklace



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Vintage liz claiborneLiz liz claiborneClaiborne liz claibornenecklace liz claibornewith liz claibornechunky liz claibornered liz claibornebeads liz claiborneand liz claibornegold liz claiborneaccents. liz claiborneExcellent liz claibornecondition liz claibornebut liz claiborneone liz claibornebead liz claibornehas liz claibornea liz claibornefaint liz claibornelight liz claibornemark liz claiborneon liz claiborneit, liz claiborneas liz claiborneshown liz claibornein liz claibornemy liz claibornelast liz claibornephoto. liz claiborneFits liz claiborneup liz claiborneto liz claiborne26" liz claibornevia liz claiborneextender liz claibornechain. liz claiborneThe liz claibornelargest liz claibornebeads liz claiborneare liz claiborneabout liz claiborne3/4" liz claibornewide.Ships liz claibornein liz claibornea liz claibornegift liz claibornebox.I liz claibornecombine liz claiborneshipping liz claiborneon liz claibornemultiple liz

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