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greenblue, Teal Shell Beaded Earrings



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Real country westernShell country westernBeaded country westernEarrings2 country western1/4 country westerninches country westernlong country westernand country western1 country western1/2 country westerninches country westernwide.Made country westernwith country westerna country westernshell country westernbutton, country westernwith country westernteal country western& country westernfire country westerncolor country westernseedbeads country westernand country westernsparkly country westernbanding country westernaround country westernthe country westernedges. country western country westernThey country westernare country westernbacked country westernwith country westernsmoked country westerndeer country westernhide.More country westernItems: country westernhttp://ndnchick.

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