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earrings, Seattle Seahawks Earrings Left Pair ONLY



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Left sportspair sportsonly!! sports sportsThis sportsis sportsfor sportsthe sportsdarker sportsshell sportsearrings sportsONLY! sportsSparkly sportsbeaded sportsSeahawks sportsearrings sportswere sportsmade sportsby sportshand sportssewing sportssparkly sportsrhinestone sportsbanding sportsaround sportsa sportswhite sportsbead. sports sportsThe sportsearrings sportsare sportsedged sportswith sportssize sports11 sportsglass sportsseed sportsbeads. sportsThey sportsare sportsbacked sportswith sportssmoked sportsbuck sportsskin sportsand sportshave sportsnickel sportsfree sportssurgical sportssteel sportsear sportshooks.Earrings sportswill sportscome sportswith sportsrubber sportsbackings sportsto sportshelp sportsreduce sportsthe sportschance sportsof sportslosing sportsan sportsearring. sports sportsThey sportswill sportsbe sportsshipped sportsin sportsa sportspretty sportsbox. sports sportsMeasurementsFull sportsLength: sports1 sports3/4 sportsinches sports(5.08 sportscm)Bead sportsWork: sports1 sports1/4 sportsinch sports(3.175 sportscm)My sportsShop: sports sportshttp://ndnchick. sports sportsMore sportsBeaded sportsEarrings: sports sportshttp://www./shop/ndnchick?section_id=7241072

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