Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaf, Forged bronze ginkgo leaf pendant on an 18 inch chain



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These botanicalleaves botanicalbegin botanicalwith botanicala botanicalflat botanicalsheet botanicalof botanicalbronze botanicalcut botanicalin botanicalthe botanicalshape botanicalof botanicala botanicalleaf botanicaland botanicalstem. botanical botanicalI botanicalthen botanicaltexture botanicaland botanicalforge botanicalthem botanicalinto botanicala botanicalginkgo botanicalleaf botanicalform botanicalwith botanicalthe botanicalstem botanicaltwisting botanicalinto botanicala botanicalloop. botanical botanicalThis botanicalparticular botanicalleaf botanicalmeasures botanicala botanicallittle botanicalover botanical1.25 botanicalinches botanicallong botanicaland botanicalhangs botanicalfrom botanicalan botanical18 botanicalinch botanicalchain.

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