Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1960s Crown Trifari hinged braceletoval bangle, brushed silveroval bangle, notched and textured feather of fringe look



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1960s brushed silvervintage brushed silverTrifari brushed silverbracelet, brushed silverstamped brushed silveron brushed silverthe brushed silverinside. brushed silver(Crown brushed silverabove brushed silverthe brushed silverT brushed silverwith brushed silvercopyright brushed silverc brushed silverafter.) brushed silverHinged brushed silverbracelet brushed silverin brushed silveran brushed silveroval brushed silvershape brushed silverwith brushed silvera brushed silvertiny brushed silverhook brushed silversafety brushed silverclasp. brushed silverBrushed brushed silversilver brushed silverwith brushed silvershiny brushed silverlines. brushed silverHas brushed silvera brushed silverfeather brushed silveror brushed silverfringe brushed silverlook, brushed silvernotched brushed silveron brushed silverone brushed silverside. brushed silverExcellent brushed silvercondition. brushed silverThe brushed silveronly brushed silverflaw brushed silverI brushed silvercould brushed silverfind brushed silverwas brushed silvera brushed silverteeny brushed silverchip brushed silverto brushed silverthe brushed silverplating brushed silveron brushed silverthe brushed silversafety brushed silvercatch- brushed silversee brushed silvercloseup. brushed silverThe brushed silverbracelet brushed silveris brushed silverotherwise brushed silverpristine brushed silverwith brushed silvergreat brushed silvercolor brushed silverand brushed silverso brushed silverclean brushed silveryou'd brushed silveralmost brushed silverthink brushed silverit brushed silverwas brushed silvernew. brushed silverBut brushed silverit's brushed silvernot! brushed silverMeasures brushed silver1/2" brushed silverwide, brushed silverinside brushed silveris brushed silverabout brushed silver2.25" brushed silverx brushed silver1.75".Ships brushed silverin brushed silvera brushed silvergift brushed

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