Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

celluloid flower pin, vintage wood and celluloid flower brooch with felt leaves pin brooch - wired back



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Vintage felt petalswood felt petalsbrooch felt petalswith felt petalscelluloid felt petalsflowers, felt petalscirca felt petals1930s/40s. felt petalsThe felt petalsflowers felt petalshave felt petalslittle felt petalsfelt felt petalsleaves felt petalsglued felt petalson felt petalsas felt petalswell. felt petalsOne felt petalsflower felt petalshas felt petalsa felt petals3-d felt petalsyellow felt petalscenter felt petalsbut felt petalsthe felt petalsother felt petalsdoes felt petalsnot. felt petalsI felt petalsam felt petalsthinking felt petalsit felt petalsprobably felt petalsused felt petalsto,, felt petalsthough felt petalsit felt petalsis felt petalsfine felt petalswithout felt petalsit. felt petalsThe felt petalsflowers felt petalsseem felt petalsglued felt petalsdown felt petalsbut felt petalsthey felt petalsare felt petalsalso felt petalswired, felt petalsas felt petalsshown felt petalson felt petalsthe felt petalsback. felt petalsMeasures felt petals1.75" felt petalswide.Ships felt petalsin felt petalsa felt petalsgift felt petalsbox.I felt petalscombine felt petalsshipping felt petalson felt petalsmultiple felt

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