Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1940s wooden horse brooch with leather background and lucite eyegreat gift idea, brass saddle AS IS SALEgreat gift idea, carved wood figural pin



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1940s carved woodvintage carved woodcarved carved woodwooden carved woodhorse carved woodbrooch carved woodwith carved woodleather carved woodbackground. carved woodThe carved woodhorse carved woodhas carved woodbrass carved wooddome carved woodstuds carved woodon carved woodit's carved woodsaddle, carved wooda carved woodlucite carved woodeye carved woodand carved woodpainted carved wooddetails. carved woodOne carved woodfront carved woodleg carved woodsort carved woodof carved woodhides carved woodbehind carved woodthe carved woodother carved wood- carved woodit carved woodis carved woodNOT carved woodbroken. carved woodSelling carved woodas carved woodis carved wooddue carved woodto carved woodsome carved woodgreen carved woodpatina carved woodon carved woodthe carved woodclasp carved woodand carved wooda carved woodwee carved woodbit carved woodhiding carved woodunder carved woodthe carved woodleather. carved woodClasp carved woodworks carved woodfine. carved woodThe carved woodhorse carved woodmay carved woodhave carved woodhad carved wooda carved woodleather carved woodstrap, carved woodas carved woodthere carved woodis carved wooda carved woodlittle carved woodhole carved woodon carved woodtop carved woodthat. carved woodIncluding carved woodthe carved woodleather, carved woodthe carved woodbrooch carved woodmeasures carved wood3" carved woodwide carved woodx carved wood2.25" carved woodtall. carved woodShips carved woodin carved wooda carved woodgift carved woodbox.I carved woodcombine carved woodshipping carved woodon carved woodmultiple carved

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