Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fern, Melusine necklace ... recycled fine silver medallion with antiqued sterling silver rolo chain



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Sea springmist, springmarvel, springwonder.This springhandcrafted springrecycled springfine springsilver springcoin springpendant springwas springformed springfrom springan springantique springbutton springmold springusing springprecious springmetal springclay. springIt springhas springa springsmooth springpolish springand springa springhigh-contrast springpatina springfinish. springChain springmeasures spring18"Pendant springis spring.85" springdiameter~|~~|~~|~Arrives springpackaged springin springa springgift springbox springand springships springwithin spring1-3 springbusiness springdays springof springreceipt springof springpayment. springPlease springsee springthe spring"Shop springPolicies" springsection springof springmy springstore springfor springadditional springinformation springon springpayments, springshipping, springgift springnotes, springsize springadjustments, springand springcustom springorders.\u00a9 springElements spring& springArtifacts spring2020.

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