Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

3 vintage wreath brooches - white holly leaves w/ faux pearlsgold tone, gold tone with green & opal glassgold tone, eternity pins



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3 christmas broochesvintage christmas broocheswreath christmas broochespins. christmas broochesOne christmas broochesis christmas broochessmall christmas broochesplain christmas broochesgold christmas broochestone, christmas broochesmeasuring christmas brooches1", christmas broochesnext christmas broochesis christmas broochesa christmas broochesshiny christmas broochesgold christmas broochestone christmas broocheswith christmas broochesopal christmas broocheslook christmas broochescabs, christmas broochesgreen christmas broochescabs christmas broochesand christmas broochesclear christmas broochesrhinestones christmas broochesmeasuring christmas brooches1.5", christmas broocheslast christmas broochesbut christmas broochesnot christmas broochesleast christmas broochesa christmas broocheswhite christmas broochesholly christmas broocheswreath christmas broocheswith christmas broochesgold christmas broochesundertones christmas broochesand christmas broochesfaux christmas broochespearls christmas broochesmeasuring christmas brooches1.5". christmas broochesAll christmas broochesexcellent christmas broochescondition.Ships christmas broochesin christmas broochesa christmas broochesgift christmas broochesbox.I christmas broochescombine christmas broochesshipping christmas broocheson christmas broochesmultiple christmas

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