Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage bakelite, vintage yellow bakelite pendant charm with fairies or angels



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Vintage beadsyellow beadsBakelite beadsdisc beadswith beadsgold beadstone beadsfairies beadsor beadsangels beadsaffixed beadsto beadsthe beadstop. beadsThey're beadsnot beadsoriginal beadsto beadsthe beadspiece- beadsunder beadsa beadsmicroscope beadsa beadstiny beadsbit beadsof beadsglue beadscan beadsbe beadsseen beadsbehind beadsthem. beadsThe beadsBakelite beadsis beadsreal- beadsit beadspasses beadsthe beadsrub/sniff beadstest. beadsMeasures beads1.25" beadswide.Ships beadsin beadsa beadsgift beadsbox.I beadscombine beadsshipping beadson beadsmultiple

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