Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

aurora borealis, vintage confetti lucite panel bracelet with AB rhinestones



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1960s ab rhinestonesvintage ab rhinestonesconfetti ab rhinestoneslucite ab rhinestonespanel ab rhinestonesbracelet. ab rhinestonesThe ab rhinestonesbracelet ab rhinestonesis ab rhinestonesmade ab rhinestonesof ab rhinestonesgold ab rhinestonestone ab rhinestonesmetal ab rhinestoneswith ab rhinestoneslinks ab rhinestonesof ab rhinestoneswhite ab rhinestonesand ab rhinestonesgold ab rhinestonesflakes ab rhinestonesfloating ab rhinestonesin ab rhinestonesclear ab rhinestoneslucite. ab rhinestonesEach ab rhinestoneslucite ab rhinestoneslink ab rhinestoneshas ab rhinestonessix ab rhinestonesAB ab rhinestonesrhinestones ab rhinestonessurrounding ab rhinestonesit. ab rhinestonesCloses ab rhinestoneswith ab rhinestonesa ab rhinestonesfold ab rhinestonesover ab rhinestonesclap. ab rhinestonesThe ab rhinestonesbracelet ab rhinestonesis ab rhinestonesjust ab rhinestonesover ab rhinestones1" ab rhinestoneswide ab rhinestonesand ab rhinestonesis ab rhinestones7.5" ab rhinestoneslong. ab rhinestonesNo ab rhinestonesflaws, ab rhinestonesexcellent ab rhinestonescondition. ab rhinestonesUnsigned.Ships ab rhinestonesin ab rhinestonesa ab rhinestonesgift ab

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