Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antiqued brass, Statement Necklace - Crystal Pendant - Cascading Blush Freshwater Pearls - Antiqued Brass - Necklace for Women



In stock



Statement brass jewelrynecklace brass jewelryfeaturing brass jewelryan brass jewelryoval brass jewelrypendant brass jewelrywith brass jewelrynew brass jewelryand brass jewelryvintage brass jewelrySwarovski brass jewelrycrystals brass jewelryset brass jewelryinto brass jewelryepoxy brass jewelryresin brass jewelryclay. brass jewelry brass jewelryThe brass jewelrypendant brass jewelryhangs brass jewelryfrom brass jewelryhand brass jewelrywired brass jewelrycascading brass jewelryblush brass jewelryfreshwater brass jewelrypearls brass jewelryalong brass jewelrywith brass jewelrycoordinating brass jewelrySwarovski brass jewelryCrystal brass jewelrybeads. brass jewelryThe brass jewelryneutral brass jewelrycrystal brass jewelrycolors brass jewelryused brass jewelryare brass jewelryVintage brass jewelryRose, brass jewelryGolden brass jewelryShadow, brass jewelryand brass jewelryCrystal brass jewelryAB. brass jewelry brass jewelryAll brass jewelrymetal brass jewelryis brass jewelryantiqued brass jewelrybrass.The brass jewelryoval brass jewelrycrystal brass jewelrypiece brass jewelrymeasures brass jewelry2 brass jewelryinches brass jewelrylong. brass jewelry brass jewelryThe brass jewelryoverall brass jewelrylength brass jewelryof brass jewelrythe brass jewelryhanging brass jewelrypendant brass jewelryis brass jewelry3.5 brass jewelryinches.This brass jewelrynecklace brass jewelrylooks brass jewelryfabulous brass jewelryboth brass jewelryshort brass jewelryand brass jewelrylong. brass jewelry brass jewelryYou brass jewelryhave brass jewelrya brass jewelrychoice brass jewelryof brass jewelry18-20-24-30 brass jewelryinch brass jewelrychain.A brass jewelrypouch brass jewelryand brass jewelrygift brass jewelrybox brass jewelryis brass jewelryincluded.

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