Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage choker or collar necklacegift for her, bright yellow gold with mirror shiny finish



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Vintage collar necklacechoker collar necklaceor collar necklacecollar collar necklacenecklace collar necklacein collar necklacea collar necklacebright, collar necklaceshiny collar necklaceyellow collar necklacegold collar necklacefinish. collar necklaceExcellent collar necklacecondition collar necklacewith collar necklaceno collar necklaceissues. collar necklaceMeasures collar necklaceabout collar necklace1" collar necklacewide collar necklaceand collar necklacefits collar necklaceup collar necklaceto collar necklace14.25". collar necklaceNot collar necklacea collar necklacetypo, collar necklacethis collar necklaceis collar necklacea collar necklacelittle collar necklaceshorter collar necklacethan collar necklacethese collar necklacenecklaces collar necklaceusually collar necklacerun.Ships collar necklacein collar necklacea collar necklacegift collar

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