Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage owl pin brooch with turquoise chip details and stone bodysweater pin, has a hanging loop to put on a necklace chain too!



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Gold hanging looptone hanging loopmetal hanging loopowl hanging loopbrooch hanging loopwith hanging looptiny hanging loopturquoise hanging loopchip hanging loopdetails hanging loopand hanging loopa hanging looptumbled hanging loopstone hanging loopbody. hanging loopExcellent hanging loopcondition, hanging loopno hanging loopflaws. hanging loopHas hanging loopa hanging looploop hanging loopon hanging loopthe hanging loopback hanging loopin hanging loopcase hanging loopyou hanging loopwould hanging looprather hanging loopwear hanging loopit hanging loopas hanging loopa hanging loopnecklace. hanging loopMeasures hanging loop1.75" hanging looptall.Ships hanging loopin hanging loopa hanging loopgift hanging

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