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antique spoon, Spoon Ring | Hand Engraved | Size 8.5 | Nautical



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An fishingamazing fishingfind!This fishingspoon fishinghas fishingno fishingengravers fishingmark fishingand fishingis fishingprobably fishingstainless fishingsteel fishingby fishingthe fishingway fishingit fishingfelt fishingworking fishingwith fishingit. fishingMore fishingthan fishinglikely fishingit fishingwas fishinga fishingsimple fishingpiece fishingof fishingflatware fishingthat fishingwas fishingcarved fishingby fishinga fishingfisherman fishingor fishinglaborer. fishingFantastic fishingfishing fishingvillage fishingscene!- fishingNot fishingsterling fishingsilver- fishingprobably fishingstainless fishingsteel- fishingNo fishingmfg/maker's fishingmarkSz fishing8.5

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