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love, Kiss Kiss Lipstick Traces Hand Embroidered Pin Brooch Hand Stitched Kisses



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Hand broochesstitched broocheslip broochesstick broochestraces broochesbrooch. broochesEmbroidered broochesover broochesmy broochesoriginal broochesdrawing broochesin broochesbright broochessexy broochesred broochesthread broocheson broochescream broochescotton broochesfabric. broochesMeasuring brooches1.5 broochesinches broochesor broochesapprox brooches4 broochescm broochesa broocheslovely broochesgift broochesfor broochesa broochessweetheart broochesor broochesa broochesgift broochesfor broochesyour broochesgood broochesself. broochesReady broochesto broochesship, broochesyou broocheswill broochesreceive broochesone broocheslipstick broochestraces broochesbrooch.

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