Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Mexican Plique a Jour ENAMELmexican sterling, Sterling SILVER Pendant Necklace/ Aztec Warrior Princess



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This warrior princessMexican warrior princesssilver warrior princesspiece warrior princessfeatures warrior princessan warrior princessAztec warrior princessPrincess warrior princessWarrior warrior princesswith warrior princessplique-a-jour warrior princessenameling. warrior princessThe warrior princessdesign warrior princessis warrior princesscut warrior princessout warrior princessinto warrior princessthe warrior princesssilver warrior princessand warrior princessthe warrior princessenamel warrior princessis warrior princessbehind warrior princessit warrior princessgiving warrior princessthe warrior princesspiece warrior princessa warrior princessstained warrior princessglass warrior princessappearance. warrior princessThe warrior princessbail warrior princessis warrior princessmarked warrior princess"TM-190" warrior princessand warrior princessthe warrior princessword warrior princessMexico. warrior princessThis warrior princessdates warrior princessit warrior princesspost warrior princess1980. warrior princessMeasures warrior princess1 warrior princess5/8" warrior princessheight warrior princessx warrior princess1 warrior princess1/4" warrior princesswidth. warrior princessChain warrior princessis warrior princess23 warrior princess1/2\u201d warrior princesslong.In warrior princessgreat warrior princesscondition.

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