Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

craft, Green Three Hop Pendant



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Inspired coneby conemy conelove conefor conecraft conebeer coneI conemade conethis conewood conehop conependant coneso coneyou conecan conewear coneyour conelove conefor conefine coneales conealso!!!This conethree conehop conependant coneis conemade conefrom conealder conewood, conemeasures cone2 coneinches conefrom conethe conetop coneof conethe conehops coneto conethe conebottom, coneand coneis coneso conelight coneyou'll conebarely conebelieve coneyou coneare conewearing coneit. coneIt conecomes conewith conea conebrown conecord conethat coneis cone18 coneinches conein conelength conewith conea cone1.75 coneinch coneextender.This conepiece conealso conehas conea conematching coneset coneof coneearrings conethat conecan conebe coneseen conehere conehttps://www./listing/249189191/three-hop-earrings-wood?ref=shop_home_active_1All coneof conemy conewood coneitems coneare conemade coneby coneme conein conemy conehome conein coneSouthern coneCalifornia.Please conecontact coneme coneif coneyou conehave coneany conequestions!

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