Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

faceted crystal, Colorful Hummingbird Brooch - Flower- Stained Glass - Pin or Pendant



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Smooth faux pearlstained faux pearlglass faux pearlbrooch faux pearlwith faux pearlgold faux pearlplated faux pearlhummingbird, faux pearlfaceted faux pearlSwarovski faux pearlCrystal, faux pearlfaux faux pearlpearl, faux pearland faux pearlresin faux pearlflowers. faux pearl faux pearl faux pearlThe faux pearlpinback faux pearlhas faux pearla faux pearlbail faux pearland faux pearlcan faux pearlalso faux pearlbe faux pearlworn faux pearlas faux pearla faux pearlpendant. faux pearl faux pearlMeasures faux pearl1 faux pearl3/4 faux pearlinches faux pearllong.

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