Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

made in usa, Oden Ravens Solid Aluminum Bracelet with:#AB- 023 Five Raven's or #AB-022 Viking Ruen's or #AB-031 Ravens-Ruen's Marked-Lightening Bolts



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This celticis celtica celticHAND celticCRAFTED celticALUMINUM celticCUFF celticBRACELET. celticIt celticis celtica celtic6" celticLONG celtic1/4" celtic14 celticGAUGE celticcuff. celtic celticYOUR celticCHOICE celticOF celticONE celtic(1) celticWITH celticEACH celticPURCHASE. celticSolid celticALUMINUM celticBracelet celticis celticHAND celticSTAMPED celticwith:#AB-023 celticFIVE celtic(5) celticODEN'S celticRAVENS celticor:#AB-022 celticRUEN'S celticSTAMPED celticWITH celtic25 celticSYMBOLS celticor:#AB-031 celticLIGHTENING celticBOLTS celticCENTER-RAVENS celticon celticSIDES- celticRUENS celticSYMBOLS celticfor: celticWARRIOR, celticSIGNALS, celticMOVEMENT, celticJOURNEY, celticBREAKTHROUGH celtic celtic celtic12 celticGAUGE celticHEAVY celtic celticThe celticPictures celticshould celticrepresent celticthe celticsize celticand celticopening. celticEACH celticPURCHASE celticIS celticFOR celticONE celtic(1) celticOF celticTHE celticCUFFS celticLISTED. celtic celtic celtic celticIt celtichas celticbeen celticpolished. celticTHE celticCUFF celticHAS celticBEEN celticHARDENED celticWITH celticA celticTUMBLER celtic& celticSTAINLESS celticSHOT. celticAny celticQuestions celticPlease celticE-MAIL celticme. celticThe celticraven celticis celtican celticiconic celticand celticmagical celticcreature celticin celticthe celticViking celticworld. celticIt celticis celtica celticpowerful celticsymbol celticof celticwar celticand celticis celticbelieved celticto celticbe celticthe celticeyes celticand celticears celticof celticthe celticchief celticViking celticgod, celticOdin. celtic... celticOdin celtichas celtictwo celticravens: celticHuginn celtic("thought") celticand celticMuninn celtic("memory"). celticThey celticfly celticall celticover celticthe celticworld, celticMidgard, celticand celticbring celticinformation celticto celticthe celticgod celticOdin.

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