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sterling silver, Sterling Silver Oak Leaf Earrings - Made to order



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Handforged leaf earringssterling leaf earringssilver leaf earringsoak leaf earringsleaf leaf earringsearringsThe leaf earringsearrings leaf earringsare leaf earringsapproximately leaf earrings1-5/8 leaf earringsinches leaf earringslong. leaf earrings leaf earringsThey leaf earringsare leaf earringscompletely leaf earringshandcrafted leaf earringsin leaf earringsmy leaf earringsMichigan leaf earringsstudio, leaf earringssawn leaf earringsout, leaf earringshammered leaf earrings leaf earringsand leaf earringssoldered leaf earringsto leaf earringsshape. leaf earrings leaf earringsEach leaf earringspair leaf earringsis leaf earringshandmade leaf earringsto leaf earringsorder leaf earringsand leaf earringswill leaf earringsvary leaf earringsslightly leaf earringsfrom leaf earringsthe leaf earringsphotos.

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