Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

blue mod teardrop earringsblue earrings, dangle with posts for pierced ears



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Blue 1990s 90senamel 1990s 90searrings 1990s 90swith 1990s 90spost 1990s 90sbacks. 1990s 90sTeardrops 1990s 90shang 1990s 90sfrom 1990s 90sdots 1990s 90svia 1990s 90sdarkened 1990s 90ssilver 1990s 90stone 1990s 90shoops. 1990s 90sExcellent 1990s 90scondition, 1990s 90sno 1990s 90sissues. 1990s 90slook 1990s 90snever 1990s 90sworn. 1990s 90sTotal 1990s 90slength 1990s 90sis 1990s 90sjust 1990s 90sunder 1990s 90s2". 1990s 90s1960s 1990s 90slook 1990s 90sbut 1990s 90sfeel 1990s 90smore 1990s 90slike 1990s 90s80s/90s 1990s 90swith 1990s 90sjust 1990s 90sa 1990s 90slittle 1990s 90sbit 1990s 90sof 1990s 90sweight 1990s 90sto 1990s 90sthem, 1990s 90sbut 1990s 90snot 1990s 90sheavy.Ships 1990s 90sin 1990s 90sa 1990s 90sgift 1990s 1990s 90smay 1990s 90salso 1990s 90slike 1990s 90sthese:https://www./listing/753292591

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