Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mid century vintage necklacevintage necklaces, double strand collar or chokervintage necklaces, gold beads on delicate chain



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Mid hook claspcentury hook claspvintage hook claspcollar hook claspor hook claspchoker hook claspnecklace. hook claspTwo hook claspstrands hook claspof hook claspgold hook claspbeads hook claspare hook claspstrung hook claspon hook claspdelicate hook claspchain. hook claspAdjustable hook clasphook hook claspclasp. hook claspVery hook clasppretty. hook claspExcellent hook claspcondition. hook claspFits hook claspup hook claspto hook clasp15" hook clasplong. hook claspHas hook claspa hook clasplittle hook claspbit hook claspof hook claspweight hook claspto hook claspit hook claspbut hook claspnot hook claspheavy.Ships hook claspin hook claspa hook claspgift hook

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