Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Trianglegeometric, Diamondgeometric, Hwatugeometric, Hanafuda Card Earrings- Black and white and red all over



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Hwatu fashion forwardcard fashion forwardearringssize: fashion forward3"These fashion forwardearrings fashion forwardare fashion forwardmade fashion forwardout fashion forwardof fashion forwardHwatu fashion forwardplaying fashion forwardcards fashion forwardfrom fashion forwardSouth fashion forwardKorea. fashion forwardIt fashion forwardis fashion forwardJapanese fashion forward(called fashion forwardHanafuda) fashion forwardin fashion forwardorigin fashion forwardand fashion forwardthey fashion forwardwere fashion forwardplayed fashion forwardby fashion forwardthe fashion forwardnobility fashion forwardsince fashion forwardits fashion forwardearly fashion forwardyears. fashion forwardNow, fashion forwardyou fashion forwardcan fashion forwardput fashion forwardit fashion forwardin fashion forwardyour fashion forwardearhole fashion forwardand fashion forwardadd fashion forwardto fashion forwardthe fashion forwardrichness fashion forwardof fashion forwardit's fashion forwardhistory.silver fashion forwardplated fashion forwardear fashion forwardwire. fashion forwardthe fashion forwardback fashion forwardis fashion forwardred. fashion forwardfind fashion forwardmore fashion forwardat fashion forwardniceLena.

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