Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

coyote silver, Zuni Vintage Sterling Silver and Turquoise Bead Coyote Earrings Signed Loretto Drop Earrings Hand Crafted Earrings 8 Grams



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Long hand crafteddangle hand craftedearrings hand craftedin hand craftedthe hand craftedshape hand craftedof hand crafteda hand craftedhand hand craftedcrafted hand craftedcoyote. hand crafted2 hand crafteddeep hand craftedblue hand craftedturquoise hand craftedbeads hand craftedat hand craftedthe hand craftedtops. hand craftedAlthough hand craftedthey hand craftedare hand crafted3inches hand craftedlong, hand craftedthey hand craftedare hand craftedalso hand craftedvery hand craftedlightweight hand craftedat hand crafted8 hand craftedgrams.Sterling hand craftedsilver hand craftedNative hand craftedAmerican hand craftedearrings.Signed hand craftedon hand craftedthe hand craftedback hand crafted"Loretto". hand craftedThank hand craftedyou hand craftedso hand craftedmuch hand craftedfor hand craftedvisiting hand craftedArchaicAntique!This hand craftedwill hand craftedbe hand craftedpackaged hand craftedcarefully hand craftedand hand craftedshipped hand craftedUSPS hand craftedwith hand craftedtracking. hand craftedI hand craftedwill hand craftedrefund hand craftedany hand crafteddifference hand craftedof hand crafted$3.00 hand craftedor hand craftedless.I hand craftedwill hand craftedship hand craftedinternationally. hand craftedPlease hand craftedcontact hand craftedme hand craftedbefore hand craftedpurchase hand craftedwith hand craftedyour hand craftedinfo hand craftedso hand craftedI hand craftedcan hand craftedget hand craftedyou hand craftedand hand craftedaccurate hand craftedshipping hand craftedquote. hand craftedCombined hand craftedshipping hand craftedis hand craftedalso hand craftedavailable.**All hand crafteditems hand craftedare hand craftedpre-owned hand craftedand hand craftedpre-used hand crafted( hand craftedunless hand craftedstated hand craftedotherwise hand crafted) hand craftedand hand craftedare hand craftedconsidered hand craftedeither hand craftedvintage hand craftedor hand craftedantique. hand craftedSold hand craftedas-is.*

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