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boho earrings, Copper circle earrings - Yellow bead hammered copper hoop earrings | Hand forged copper jewelry | Rustic boho



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Copper boho earringscircle boho earringsearrings boho earrings- boho earringsYellow boho earringsbead boho earringshammered boho earringscopper boho earringshoop boho earringsearringsFaceted boho earringsyellow boho earringsglass boho earringsbeads boho earringssit boho earringswithin boho earringsa boho earringshand-forged boho earringscopper boho earringscircle boho earringswith boho earringsintegral boho earringsearwire. boho earringsApproximately boho earrings3cms boho earringslong boho earringsin boho earringstotal.Copper boho earringshas boho earringsbeen boho earringsshaped, boho earringshammered, boho earringsoxidized boho earringsand boho earringstumbled boho earringsfor boho earringsstrength.In boho earringsstock boho earringsand boho earringsready boho earringsto boho earringsship.

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