Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tribal Dangle Plugsalternative bridal, 7/8" 22mmalternative bridal, Gothic Wedding Gaugesalternative bridal, Antiqued Brass Hoopsalternative bridal, Gauged Plug Earringsalternative bridal, Goth Bride



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These tribal styletribal tribal styledangle tribal styleplugs tribal stylefeature tribal stylefaceted tribal styleacrylic tribal style"gems" tribal stylein tribal styleyour tribal stylechoice tribal styleof tribal stylecolor, tribal styleset tribal stylein tribal styleantiqued tribal stylebrass tribal stylescalloped tribal stylesettings. tribal styleDangling tribal stylefrom tribal styleeach tribal styleplug tribal styleis tribal stylea tribal stylematte tribal styleantiqued tribal stylefinish tribal stylecharm. tribal style tribal styleThey tribal styleare tribal stylereally tribal stylelovely tribal styleplugs, tribal stylesimple tribal styleyet tribal stylewith tribal stylea tribal stylenice tribal styleGothic tribal styleflair. tribal styleThis tribal stylepair tribal styleis tribal styleavailable tribal stylein tribal stylethe tribal stylefollowing tribal stylesizes/styles:7/8" tribal style(22mm) tribal style- tribal styleBlack tribal styleAcrylic tribal styleNo tribal styleFlare tribal stylewith tribal styleO tribal styleRings7/8" tribal style(22mm) tribal style- tribal styleBlack tribal styleAcrylic tribal stylewith tribal styleFlares1" tribal style(25mm) tribal style- tribal styleBlack tribal styleAcrylic tribal styleNo tribal styleFlare tribal stylewith tribal styleO tribal styleRings tribal style- tribal styleOUT tribal styleOF tribal styleSTOCKIn tribal stylethe tribal style6th tribal stylepicture tribal stylefrom tribal styletop tribal styleleft tribal styleto tribal stylebottom tribal styleright, tribal styleyour tribal styleacrylic tribal stylegem tribal stylecolor tribal stylechoices tribal styleare:Royal tribal styleBluePurpleBlackCream tribal styleOpalPink tribal styleOpalTeal tribal styleOpalLilac tribal styleOpalSmoky tribal styleTopazEmerald tribal styleGreenLight tribal styleTopaz tribal style(more tribal styleyellow tribal stylein tribal stylecolor)RedLight tribal stylePinkTop tribal styleof tribal styleGem tribal styleto tribal styleBack tribal styleof tribal stylePlug: tribal style3/4"Total tribal styleLength tribal stylefrom tribal styleTop tribal styleto tribal styleBottom: tribal styleAbout tribal style2 tribal style1/2"Width tribal styleat tribal styleWidest tribal stylePoint: tribal style1"***This tribal styleis tribal stylea tribal stylemade-to-order tribal stylepair tribal stylethat tribal stylewill tribal stylebe tribal stylemade tribal styleto tribal styleyour tribal stylespecifications tribal styleafter tribal styleyour tribal stylepurchase. tribal styleThese tribal styleare tribal stylenot tribal styleyet tribal styleready tribal styleto tribal styleship tribal styleand tribal stylewill tribal styletake tribal style5-7 tribal stylebusiness tribal styledays tribal styleto tribal stylebe tribal stylemade, tribal stylepackaged tribal styleand tribal styleshipped tribal styleout tribal styleto tribal styleyou tribal styleafter tribal styleyou tribal styleplace tribal styleyour tribal styleorder. tribal stylePlease tribal stylebe tribal styleaware tribal styleof tribal stylethis tribal styleprocessing tribal styletime tribal stylebefore tribal stylechecking tribal styleout.*** tribal styleNot tribal stylethe tribal styleright tribal stylesizes tribal styleor tribal stylecolor? tribal styleThere tribal styleare tribal styleLOTS tribal styleof tribal stylecolor/size tribal stylecombos tribal stylethat tribal styleI tribal styledon't tribal stylehave tribal stylelisted tribal stylethat tribal styleI tribal stylecan tribal styledo tribal stylefor tribal styleyou, tribal styleso tribal styleif tribal stylethere's tribal stylesomething tribal styleelse tribal styleyou tribal stylehave tribal stylein tribal stylemind, tribal styleplease tribal stylemessage tribal styleme tribal styleand tribal styleask tribal styleabout tribal styleother tribal styleoptions!Questions? tribal styleFeel tribal stylefree tribal styleto tribal stylemessage tribal styleme tribal styleor tribal stylecheck tribal styleout tribal stylemy tribal styleShop tribal stylePolicies tribal stylefor tribal stylemore tribal styleinfo:http://www./shop/Lunachick/policy?ref=shopinfo_policies_leftnav

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