Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver ring, Vintage Moonstone Ring Silver & Gold Setting



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A ringreally ringnice ringmoonstone ringring ringin ringa ringsterling ringsilver ringsetting ringwith ringsome ringgold ringdetailsThe ringring ringis ringa ringsize ring8 ringand ringit ringweighs ring8.7 ringgramsThe ringstone ringis ringpretty ringlarge ring ring- ringmeasuring ring13 ringby ring10 ringmm ringacross ringthe ringtop.It ringreflects ringa ringbeautiful ringblue ringin ringdaylight. ringThe ringring ringis ringunmarked ring- ringit ringtests ringas ringsterling.. ringThere ringare ringgold ringdetails ringbut ringI ringcannottest ringthe ringmetal ringcontent ringof ringthe ringgold ringwithout ringdamaging ringthe ringring. ringIt ringappears ringto ringhave ringbeen ringresized ring-

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