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Bracelet tiger eyes brown length 18 cm UNIKAT



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UNIQUE JEWELLERY10 x 12 mm tiger eyes beads1 piece of church glass very nicely fabulously matched to the tiger eyesSlanted shape, lies great on the wristSmall Buddha pendant on the bottomLENGTH approx. 18 cmWEIGHT 45 grVery unusual bracelet, simple on one side and yet a great eye-catcher due to the interesting church glass element!!! Due to the bevelled shape of the pearl, the bracelet is very well located! Class, for all those who are looking for something special.The bracelet is elastically threaded on rubber.This makes it easy to put on the bracelet, not a tweak with the clasp.Just strip on, done!_Please measure your arm circumference approx. 1 cm above the wrist bone. The bracelet should not sit too tight, otherwise the rubber will be out!_

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