Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Leather Earringspeach, Leather Jewelrypeach, Braidedpeach, Fishtailpeach, Weavepeach, Peachpeach, Shabby Chicpeach, Statement Earringspeach, 100% Leatherpeach, Tear Droppeach,Lightweight



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Beautiful shabby chicfishtail shabby chicweave shabby chicdesign. shabby chicTeardrop shabby chicshape. shabby chicPlease shabby chicalso shabby chicsee shabby chicmy shabby chicother shabby chicleather shabby chicearring shabby chiclistings! shabby chic*Pattern shabby chicmay shabby chicdiffer shabby chica shabby chicbit shabby chicdue shabby chicto shabby chicwhere shabby chicthe shabby chicearring shabby chicis shabby chiccut shabby chicon shabby chicthe shabby chicleather.*All shabby chicearrings shabby chiccome shabby chicwith shabby chicbacks.*Follow shabby chicme shabby chicon shabby chicFacebook!

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