Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

resin, Custom Resin cuff bangle bracelet with your photo lightweight personalized with any photo or photos you email me great gift for mom grandma



In stock



A mommygift mommyfor mommythe mommyperson mommywho mommyhas mommyEVERYTHING! mommy mommyA mommycustom mommyone-of-a-kind mommybracelet, mommymade mommywith mommytheir mommyfavorite mommyphoto mommyof mommyfamily, mommyfriends, mommyloved mommyones, mommyname mommyit!For mommythose mommywho mommylove mommypersonalized mommyjewelry! mommyFeatures mommya mommyphoto mommyof mommyyour mommychoosing. mommyThese mommybracelets mommyare mommyreal mommyconversation mommypieces! mommyClear mommyglassy mommyresin, mommydurable mommyand mommywaterproof. mommyRounded mommycuff mommystyle mommywith mommyopen mommysection mommyattached mommyby mommyhook mommyclasp. mommyLength mommyis mommyapprox. mommy6.5" mommyaround mommynot mommycounting mommyopen mommysection...Measures mommyabout mommy1.5" mommywide mommyusually, mommybut mommyI mommycan mommyadjust mommyto mommywork mommywith mommyyour mommyphoto. mommy mommyYou mommywill mommyemail mommyme mommythe mommyoriginal mommyphoto mommyor mommyattach mommyto mommya mommyconvo, mommyand mommyI mommywill mommycrop, mommyedit mommyand mommyresize mommyit mommyto mommyfit mommyand mommyemail mommyback mommya mommyproof mommyfor mommyyou mommyto mommyokay mommybefore mommyI mommymake mommyit mommyup!Makes mommya mommygreat mommygift mommyfor mommyaany mommyoccasion! mommyI mommycan mommymake mommyas mommymany mommyas mommyyou mommywould mommylike! mommyTONS mommyof mommyready mommymade mommydesigns mommyavailable mommytoo!The mommylast mommyphoto mommyshows mommyhow mommyit mommymay mommylook mommywhen mommyworn.Email mommyphotos mommyto [email protected] mommyor mommyattach mommyto mommya mommyconvo. mommy mommyI mommywill mommyNOT mommycreate mommyjewelry mommyuntil mommyproof mommyis mommyokayed mommyby mommyyou.

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