Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, Tuxedo Coin Ring



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This roundring roundis rounda roundpiece roundin roundmy roundtuxedo roundseries, roundwhich rounddisplays roundthe roundcontrast roundbetween roundblack roundand roundwhite roundin rounda roundgeometric roundfashion.This roundring roundis roundhand roundfabricated roundfrom roundsterling roundsilver. round roundThis rounddesign roundfeatures rounda roundrecessed roundoxidized roundarea roundwith rounda roundshiny roundtextured roundouter roundrim. roundThe roundedge roundof roundthe roundrim roundis roundhighly roundburnished roundfor rounda roundnice roundshine. roundThe roundcontrast roundof roundblack roundand roundwhite roundis roundvery roundstriking. roundThe roundcoin rounditself roundmeasures roundabout round3/4" roundin rounddiameter.Please roundindicate roundthe roundring roundsize rounddesired roundupon roundpurchase.This rounddesign roundcan roundbe roundrecreated roundas roundcufflinks, roundpendants, roundearrings, roundetc. round roundPlease roundlook roundaround roundin roundmy roundstore roundfor roundmore roundpieces roundor roundcontact roundme roundwith rounda roundrequest.This rounditem roundships roundUSPS roundPriority roundMail roundwith rounddelivery roundconfirmation roundto roundanywhere roundin roundthe roundUS. roundInternational roundshipping roundis roundvia roundUSPS roundFirst roundClass roundInternational.

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