Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

16mm round, Alexanderite Lab- Created Ring (Color Changing)



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This man madeColor man madeChanging man madeAlexandrite man madeset man madein man made14k man madewhite man madegold.This man madegem man madecan man madeput man made man madein man made14k man maderose man madeor man madeyellow man madegold man madeas man madewell.It man madeis man madequite man madeunique man madesetting man madeand man madereally man madeshows man madeoff man madethe man madegem, man madeperfectly! man made man madeYou man madewill man madenotice man madein man madethe man madelast man madephoto man madeand man madethe man mademodel man madeof man madethe man madenew man madesetting man madestyle man madethat man madefits man madeperfectly man madewith man madethis man madeLovely man madePurple man madeAlexandrite..Measures man made16-16.5mm man madeand man madeweights man made18ct.This man madeAlexandrite man madedoes man madeactively man madechange man madecolor man madefrom man madepurple man madeto man mademauve.The man madesetting man madecan man madealso man madebe man madein man madesterling man madesilver man madefor man made$289.00 man madeplus man madeshipping.Layaway man madeavailable.

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