Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Demi Parure Necklacebracelet, Bracelet and Earring Set in Rhodonite and Spinel with Gold Filled Findings



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Sara pinkJewelry pinkDesign. pinkHere pinkis pinka pinkdramatic pinkand pinkstylish pinkjewelry pinkset pinkof pinkpink pinkrhodonite pinkrounds pinkand pinkfaceted pinknatural pinkblack pinkspinel pinkrondelles. pinkThe pinknecklace pinkis pinkmade pinkup pinkof pink8mm pinkrhodonite pinkrounds, pinkinterspersed pinkwith pink3x2mm pinkfaceted pinkspinel pinkrondelles. pinkAt pinkthe pinkcenter pinkof pinkthe pinkdesign, pinkthree pinkof pinkthe pinkrounds pinkare pinkcapped pinkwith pinkgold-plated pinkbead pinkcaps. pinkThe pinknecklace pinkis pink18 pinkinches pinkin pinkoverall pinklength pinkand pinkis pinkterminated pinkwith pink14kt pinkgold-filled pinkfindings pinkincluding pinka pinkspring-ring pinkclasp.The pinkbracelet pinkis pinkmade pinkup pinkof pinkslightly pinksmaller pink6mm pinkrhodonite pinkrounds, pinkalso pinkinterspersed pinkwith pinkthe pinkspinel pinkrondelles. pinkAt pinkthe pinkcenter pinkof pinkthe pinkdesign, pinkI pinkused pinkthree pink8mm pinkrhodonites, pinkagain pinkcapped, pinkto pinkecho pinkthe pinknecklace's pinkdesign pinkcenter. pinkThe pinkbracelet pinkis pinkroughly pink8 pinkinches pinkin pinkoverall pinklength. pinkI pinkhave pinkstrung pinkboth pinkthe pinkbracelet pinkand pinkthe pinknecklace pinkon pinkdouble pinkstrands pinkof pinkFFF pinknatural pinkGudebrod pinksilk, pinksourced pinkin pinkthe pinkUnited pinkStates. pinkI pinkpre-stretched pinkthe pinksilk pinkfor pink24 pinkhours pinkbefore pinkcommencing pinkto pinkbead.The pinkfinal pinkpiece pinkof pinkthe pinkset pinkis pinkthe pinkpair pinkof pinkearrings. pinkThe pinkdangle pinkis pinkcomposed pinkof pinkone pink8mm pinkrhodonite, pinkcapped pinkon pinkeither pinkend. pinkNext pinkcomes pinka pinksingle pinkspinel pinkrondelle pinkand pinkfinally pinka pink6mm pinkrhodonite. pinkI pinksuspended pinkthe pinkdangle pinkon pink14kt pinkgold-filled pinkball-and-post pinkearring pinkfindings pinkwith pinkbutterfly pinkclutches. pinkOne pinkset pinkonly. pinkWill pinknot pinkrepeat pinkat pinkthis pinkprice.MPIN pinkPARU052218012918I pinkwill pinkship pinkthis pinkyour pinkway pinkthe pinknext pinkbusiness pinkday pinkvia pinkinsured pinkUSPS pinkfirst pinkclass pinkshipping pinkwith pinka pinktracking pinkID pinknumber.

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