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poetry, Unique Haiku Pendant



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Unique word beads“Haiku” word beadsPendant word beadsThis word beadspolymer word beadsclay word beadscovered word beadsglass word beadsvial word beadspendant word beadscontains word beadsan word beadsassortment word beadsof word beadsalphabet word beadsbeads word beadsinside, word beadswith word beadswhich word beadsto word beadsmake word beads“Haiku”, word beadsa word beadsform word beadsof word beadsJapanese word beadspoetry. word beadsHaiku word beadspoets word beadsare word beadschallenged word beadsto word beadsconvey word beadsa word beadsvivid word beadsmessage word beadsin word beadsonly word beads17 word beadssyllables word beads(but word beadswho’s word beadscounting!?) word beadsThe word beadspendant word beadsis word beadsapproximately word beads17” word beadslong word beadsincluding word beadsthe word beadscord, word beadsor word beadssupply word beadsyour word beadsown word beadschain. word beadsBored word beadswaiting word beadsat word beadsthe word beadsairport word beadsor word beadssupping word beadsa word beadsLatte word beadsat word beadsStarbucks? word beadsHave word beadsextra word beadstime word beadsat word beadslunch? word beadsCreate word beadsHaiku!

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