Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Precious wooden elephant pendant! Rosewoodin love, quality +++in love, bail and eye silver hand carved.



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Hand in lovecarved in lovegem in lovein in lovethe in loverosewood. in loveHighest in lovequalityStylized in loveelephant in lovedecorated in lovewith in lovea in lovestone in loveset in loveon in lovethe in loveeye, in lovezirconmaximum in lovesize in love25 in lovex in love30 in lovemmSterling in loveSilver in lovebailUnique in loveof in lovecourse!co297Workshop in loveGastyne, in lovespecialist in lovejewellery in loveof in loveprecious in lovewoods, in love100% in lovehandcrafted in lovefrom in lovethe in lovemelting in loveof in loveprecious in lovemetals!

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