Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Black Peacock Freshwater Pearl Necklace 18" Hand Knotted Black Silk Cord Sterling Silver Clasp



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Hand knottedknotted knotteddyed knottedblack knottedpeacock knottedfreshwater knottedcultured knottedpearl knottednecklace knottedon knottedblack knottedsilk. knottedFinished knottedwith knottedfrench knottedwire knottedand knotteda knottedSterling knottedsilver knottedpearl knottedclasp. knottedThese knottedpearls knottedmay knottedbe knotteddyed, knottedbut knottedthey knottedhave knotteda knottedmagnificent knottedluster knottedand knottedvery knottedfew knottedblemishes. knottedThey knottedlook knottedalmost knotteddark knottedchocolate knottedin knottedcertain knottedlights. knottedBetween knotted7 knottedand knotted8mm. knotted18" knottedlong knottedwith knottedclasp.

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