Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, Raw Wood pendant necklace organic Sterling Silver



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Sterling giftSilver giftChain gift18"Wood giftpendant giftWidth: gift2.5"The giftpendant giftcomes giftwith gifta gift18" giftsterling giftsilver giftchain. giftWe giftcreated giftthis giftpendant giftusing gifta giftbeautiful giftorganic giftraw giftpiece giftof giftwood. giftIt giftis gifthanging giftfrom gifta giftsterling giftsilver giftfinding giftfunctional giftfor gifteveryday giftwear. giftYou giftwill giftdefinitely giftreceive giftcompliments! giftConvo giftme giftif giftyou gifthave giftquestions!! giftThanks giftso giftmuch giftfor giftlooking. gift;)

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