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rose, 14k Genuine Sapphire Bezel Pendant



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Genuine genuine sapphireand genuine sapphireelegant, genuine sapphirethis genuine sapphirebezel genuine sapphireset genuine sapphireGenuine genuine sapphireWhite genuine sapphireSapphire genuine sapphirehas genuine sapphireall genuine sapphirethe genuine sapphirelooks genuine sapphireof genuine sapphirea genuine sapphirediamond, genuine sapphirebut genuine sapphireat genuine sapphirea genuine sapphirefraction genuine sapphireof genuine sapphireprice.Normal genuine sapphireHeat genuine sapphireOnly.Genuine genuine sapphireOrigin: genuine sapphireSri genuine sapphireLanka genuine sapphire(Ceylon)Color genuine sapphireDClarity genuine sapphireVVS/IFDimentions genuine sapphire6mmCarat genuine sapphiresize genuine sapphire1ctThis genuine sapphireSapphire genuine sapphirecan genuine sapphirebe genuine sapphireset genuine sapphirein genuine sapphire14k genuine sapphireyellow, genuine sapphirewhite genuine sapphireor genuine sapphirerose genuine sapphiregold.Chain genuine sapphirenot genuine sapphireincludedLayaway genuine sapphireavailable.No genuine sapphireextra genuine sapphirefees genuine sapphireand genuine sapphireno genuine sapphireinterest genuine sapphirefees.

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