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earrings, Recycled Leather Feather Earrings -Cream Suede and Taupe Leather



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Two creamlayers creamof creamrecycled creamsuede creamand creamleather creammake creamup creamthese creambeautiful creamlightweight creamearrings. creamEach creampair creamis creamhand creamcut creamand creamfringed creamin creammy creamhome creamstudio. creamThey creamdangle creamfrom creamantique creambrass creamfrench creamstyle creamear creamwires creamand creamwill creamarrive creamon creaman creamearring creamcard creamwith creamclear creamrubber creambacks. creamMeasurements: creamEarring creammeasures cream3 cream1/2\u201d creamfrom creamtop creamof creamear creamwire. creamLeather creamfeathers creammeasure cream2 cream1/2\u201d creamlong creamx cream1 cream1/4\u201d creamwide.

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