Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Kasami Pear Necklace w Natural Black Pearlsblue spinel, Blue Tourmalineblue spinel, Blue Spinelblue spinel, Black Jade 5 ounces 3 grms-1272



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This pearlsis pearlsa pearlsmix pearlsof pearlsvery pearlsbeautiful pearlsstones pearlsand pearlspearls. pearls pearlsI pearlsmade pearlsthis pearlsa pearlssingle pearlsstrand, pearlsinstead pearlsof pearlsa pearlsdouble pearlsstrand, pearlsso pearlsthe pearlsrepairs pearlsare pearlsevident, pearlsand pearlsnot pearlswell pearlsdone. pearls pearls48" pearlslong, pearlsso pearlswill pearlsdouble pearlsaround pearlsyoiur pearlsneck pearlsor pearlstriple. pearls pearlsSpecial pearlsprice pearlsbecause pearlsof pearlsthe pearlsrepairs.

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