Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cairn necklace, Cairn Terrier Dog Necklace Hand Painted Ceramic Pendant



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This cairn paintingis cairn paintinga cairn paintingone cairn paintingof cairn paintinga cairn paintingkind cairn paintingnecklace cairn paintingmade cairn paintingwith cairn paintingsimulated cairn paintingpearls cairn paintingand cairn paintinga cairn paintinghand cairn paintingpainted cairn paintingceramic cairn paintingpendant.The cairn paintingnecklace cairn paintingis cairn paintingabout cairn painting19" cairn painting(inches) cairn paintinglong cairn paintingand cairn paintingthe cairn paintingpendant cairn paintingis cairn painting1 cairn painting3/4" cairn paintinginches cairn paintingdiameter.Copyright.Thanks cairn paintingfor cairn paintinglooking

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