Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flame painted, Hammered Torched and Sealed Copper and Brass Pendant



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This bluePendant blueis bluemade blueof blue20 bluegauge blueBrass bluethat bluehas bluebeen bluehammered, blueformed bluethen bluetorched, bluealso bluecalled blueflame bluepainting, blueto blueproduce bluethe bluebeautiful bluerange blueof bluemetallic bluecolors bluesuch bluea blues blueReds, blueBlues, blueGreens, blueOranges, blueYellows, blueEtc bluethen blueembellished bluewith bluetorched blueCopper blue... blue. blueThe bluetotal bluelength blueis blueapproimately blue2.5 blueinches blueand blue blue1 blueinch bluewide. blue blueIt bluehas bluebeen bluefinished blueoff bluewith blueCopper blueBail blueand bluehas bluebeen bluesealed blueto blueprotect bluethe bluecoloring. bluePictures blueare blueof bluethe blueactual bluePendant blueyou bluewill bluereceive.Be bluesure blueto bluecheck bluemy blueshop blueannouncement bluefor blueany bluediscounts bluei bluemay bluebe blueoffering!

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