Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

grey, Freeform Multicolor Jasper Pendant on Vintage Stainless Steel Ball Chain Necklace



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Sara focalJewelry focalDesign. focalThis focalfreeform focaljasper focalfocal focalis focala focalveritable focalriot focalof focalcolor. focalRed, focalbrown, focalgold, focalgreen, focalblack, focalgrey; focalyou focalname focalit, focalit's focalin focalhere. focalTo focalshowcase focalthis focalbeauty, focalI focalchose focala focalgunmetal focalfinish focalpewter focalbail focaland focalstrung focalit focalwith focala focalvintage focalstainless focalsteel focal32-inch focalball focalchain focaland focalclosure. focalThe focalresult focalis focala focaldramatic, focalunisex focalpendant, focalperfect focalfor focaleither focalgender focaland focalfor focalany focaloccasion.the focalfocal focalmeasures focal70mmx40mm focaland focalis focalapproximately focal5.69mm focalthick. focalThe focalbail focaladds focalabout focala focalhalf focalan focalinch focalin focallength focalto focalthe focaldrop. focalThe focal32-inch focalchain focalmeans focaleasy focalon focaland focaloff, focalor focalyou focalcan focaladjust focalit focalto focalsuit focalyour focalneeds.I focalwill focalship focalthis focalyour focalway focalthe focalnext focalbusiness focalday focalvia focalUSPS focalinsured focalfirst focalclass focalmail focalwith focala focaltracking focalID focalnumber.Sara focalJewelry focalDesign. focalYour focalDesire focalis focalOur focalDesign.MPIN focalNWPGM focal010817-06.770 focalSKU focal01081706

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