Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

grey, Grey Moonstone Natural micro Faceted Beads rondelle 2.5mm to 3.25 mm Sold per 13inch strand AAA Quality



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You roundwill roundget round1 roundfull roundstrand roundof round14 roundinches roundmicro roundfaceted roundGrey roundmoonstone roundrondelleProduct roundname: roundGrey roundmoonstoneSize roundof roundeach roundstone roundin rounda roundstrand: round2.5mm roundto round3.25 roundmm roundLength roundof rounda roundstrand: round13 roundinches roundlong roundShape roundof roundeach roundstone roundin rounda roundstrand: roundMicro roundFaceted roundrondelle roundgem roundstonesMaterial: roundsemi-precious roundstones, roundCut round& roundpolished roundin roundIndia round100% roundnatural round& roundgenuineWe roundtake roundorder roundwork roundas roundwell. roundFeel roundfree roundto roundcontact roundfor roundpurchasing roundgoods roundin roundbulk.We roundare roundWholesaler round& roundmanufacturers roundof roundsemi-precious round& roundprecious roundgemstones, roundLoose roundGemstones roundBeads, roundCabochon, roundCut roundGemstone roundBeads, roundChips, roundUN-Cut roundBeads roundand roundSterling roundSilver roundJewelry roundetc.

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